July 18, 2012

Hear New Sound: Maria Minerva's "The Sound"

BUZZSound alumni Maria Minerva came onto AwkwardSound's radar back in March of 2011 with her gorgeous debut Tallinn at Dawn, a cassette-only release on Not Not Fun that accentuated the format's low fidelity sound with hypnotic disco beats, warped samples and Maria Jurr's shadowy vocals. Since then, the Estonian-born-but-London-based musician has already put out three(!) more worth-mentioning efforts in Cabaret Cixous and the Noble Savage and Sacred & Profane Love EPs. While she may not get around to releasing four new efforts in 2012, her upcoming LP Will Happiness Find Me? will at least give us an annual fix of Maria Minerva's eclectic art pop when it arrives on September 4th via NNF. "The Sound" is the album's first preview, and it marks another excellent stride forward by Jurr in deconstructing visibly pronounced layers of danceable, synthetic rhythms and an increased confidence as a vocalist reminiscent of Broadcast's latter day growth spurt. "The Sound" of love (I love "The Sound") below...

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