July 24, 2012

Hear New Sound: Tamaryn's "I'm Gone"

When Mazzy Star announced they would be reuniting last year with plans to release a new album, one of the first thoughts that came to my head was how their return might affect an artist like Tamaryn, a musician who owes a good portion of her sonic debt to the seminal shoegazey lullaby makers. She and Hope Sandoval may share a common burn in their dusty, sultry vocals, but what sets apart the San Francisco-based musician-turned-self-named-duo from the slocore innovators is the degree at which side of the shoegaze spectrum each lies. Where Mazzy Star consistently strums out desert love songs, Tamaryn's romance burns hot endlessly in the daytime haze. "I'm Gone" is proof of that, the first single off Tamaryn's forthcoming sophomore effort Tender New Signs, due out October 16th on Mexican Summer. It treads down a familiar scorched earth path as 2010's listmaking debut The Waves did with its woozy, mind-altering feedback, sun speckled guitars and Tamaryn's lush musings (which I'm realizing we will always have room for when it's made this beautifully.) You're gone after this one below...

Tamaryn - "I'm Gone"

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