July 19, 2012

Hear New Sound: Young Guv and the Scuzz's "Not In It for the Good Time"

The sharpened guitar sound that makes Fucked Up's hardcore transcend brick walls and Marvelous Darlings' garage punk leave the driveway known as Ben Cook unveiled a new listen back in late May from his solo project, Young Guv. He and the Scuzz have a new 12" titled A Love Too Strong on the way on July 24th through Southpaw Records, and as evidenced in its Recommended first listen "Heal Over Time," Cook alone left to his own devices can make the axe sing with sugar-sweet heartache hooks that hit the target tenants of timeless power pop. "Not In It for the Good Time" is A Love Too Strong's latest preview, and this time around, Young Guv's throwing back the 12"'s title emotion with a shackle-free coolness casually laying atop understated guitar clangor and slipping backing harmonies. Cook might be playing it coy, but that doesn't mean you have to. Get in it below...

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