July 3, 2012

LIVESound: Bleached Play the Streets of Barcelona

A little over a month ago, this year's edition of Primavera Sound wrapped up alongside the beautiful sandy edges of Barcelona, Spain with an always eclectic lineup featuring alt-rock and indie vets The Cure, Jeff Mangum, Mazzy Star alongside up and comers such as BUZZSound alumni Bleached. Sisters Jennifer and and Jessica Clavin are no strangers to beach-side rock, nor are the Los Angeles-based road warriors unaccustomed to long treks in far off places. That being said, the duo had no issue bringing their brand of lo-fi Cali punk out into streets to add a little sunshine to Barcelona's night sky for live music geo-blog They Shoot Music. There, the ex-Mika Miko members coolly dawned a pair of shades and played minimally amped versions of their first and latest singles "Dazed" and "Searching Through the Past." The real show stealer here however is Bleached's friend Shannon who flails around the camera in the background like a punked out nightingale. Watch Bleached bring the sounds of California to EspaƱa below...


"Searching Throught the Past"

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