July 21, 2012


O Canada, if it weren't for Japandroids and Fucked Up, a majority of the indie rock press would probably continue crediting you as doing nothing more for the lanscape than providing it with the less offensive sounds of Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and Wolf Parade. When writing the review for WOMEN's Public Strain a few summers back, AS made mention of this and how fixated the media seemed on always drawing similarities between any band from the Great White North to the latter three in a pretty nonsensical way. That mindset has changed as "indie" rock has thankfully (d)evolved back into its rightful place of being made with less refinements, and louder at that -- A throwback to its true spirit that was less concerned about fashion, image and doing more for carrying punk's flag than just name-dropping some obscure seminal bands from the heyday during interviews. Toronto's METZ are aware that this is exactly what the music world needs, and their audacity to blare away the commercialization of "indie" rock with nothing but full blown amps and a sloshing rhythm section that occasionally wanders into the outskirts should send the weak-eared fleeing. The trio of Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies and Chris Slorach have been around doing it all DIY since 2008, which has given them enough time to get on point with their plot to take back the sound. Having played with best of the vets such as Archers of Loaf, Mission of Burma and Oneida on top of releasing several singles over the years, their well-deserved signing to Sub Pop for their self-titled debut full-length release (due out October 9th) is their payoff for years of keeping it real, and hopefully will bolster their profile in the same way the label affiliation has done so recently for fellow truly independent noise makers No Age and King Tuff. METZ put Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh and Alexandre Bonenfant up to the task of capturing their overwhelming live sound onto the LP at Ontario's Barn Window Studio, and the end result is said to have brought out a few additional, well-articulated layers from the grungy noise makers' damaging style. You'll be able to witness the finished product in person soon enough, as METZ' tour schedule is looking pretty packed, with upcoming dates scheduled with Archers of Loaf, The Men and Hot Snakes alongside an appearance at this year's POP Montreal.

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