July 30, 2012

Song Review: Animal Collective's "Today's Supernatural"

Back in May when Animal Collective debuted their new track "Honeycomb," it was a slight relief to hear them departing away from the glowing cohesion of 2009's massively acclaimed Merriweather Post Pavillion and priming to return to the experimental avante trenches from which these seminal Brooklynites sprung a decade ago. Fast forward three months later and now have "Today's Supernatural," the first official single from AnCo's forthcoming effort Centipede Hz (arriving September 4th via Domino) and again, the quartet of Panda Bear, Avey Tare, Deakin and Geologist are muddying their hands in fragmented pop ambiguity that puts them in a wonderful state of aural limbo. The track see-saws its low points in shimmering textures being strewn from their insides between climaxes bashed and bloodied by Avey Tare's wiley vocals, a sledgehammer of drums and a final pummeling before the song meets a deaf tone. It's both damaged and rewarding, while not necessarily giving listeners any answers as to what they can expect on Centipede Hz. But at the very least, "Today's Supernatural" has got you thinking and paying close attention, and that's exactly where Animal Collective does it best.

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