July 10, 2012

Song Review: The Killers' "Runaways"

There's no denying the Killers as having one of the best track records when it comes to delivering great radio-ready singles you'll actually want to hear if by chance the only thing you have at your disposal are the FM waves. One other thing you can't deny, for better or for worse, is that Brandon Flowers envisions himself as some sort of modern day Springsteen. He and the band went their hard on their 2005 sophomore effort Sam's Town, and while they skipped out on that direction with whatever 2008's Day and Age was, Flowers attempted -- quite unsuccessfully -- to capture that same small town fairytale nostalgia on his his solo debut Flamingo. On September 17th, the Vegas faux-indie superstars return with their fourth LP Battle Born, and if you're hoping the band might abandon the glittery stardust of Day and Age in order to make a trip back to Sam's Town, you just might be in luck if its lead single "Runaways" is any indication. As the title might make you guess, this is the Killers' ode to "Born to Run" to some degree, except that instead of the narrator wishing his blonde-haired lover to pack up her bag and leave behind everything with a beat-up car and the summer wind carrying them away, Flowers is begging her to stay. But other than that, he and the Killers are back at it again making excellent use of the Boss' blue collar anthemry by upping it to a Meat Loaf degree with starry synths and an epic life-affirming chorus. Call it "When You Were Young, Part Two" or perhaps their anti-"Born to Run," but either way, The Killers do this Springsteen-on-alt-rock steroids shtick due service yet again on "Runaways."

The Killers - "Runaways"

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