July 25, 2012

Song Review: Title Fight's "Head In the Ceiling Fan"

A lot of younger bands are trying their hand at fronting the modern melodic hardcore revival movement, but BUZZSound alumni, 2011 Best Breakthrough Artist honorees and makers of one of last year's 25 Best Albums, Title Fight torchbear the sanctity of that genre in earnest while understanding the necessity of progress. You could make an argument crediting their matured integrity to influential scene soundshaper and Quicksand / Gorilla Biscuits / Rival Schools frontman Walter Schreifels, whose producing efforts on Shed made it sound like something you'd hear from a band on the Revelation Records or Jade Tree roster back in the '90s, but your point is moot upon hearing Title Fight's first single off their upcoming sophomore LP Floral Green, arriving September 18th on SideOneDummy. The bellowing track recalls Shed's moodier centerpiece "Safe In Your Skin" if its dark winding silence untangled into waves of post-rock crashing around Jamie Rhoden's jouncing vocals. Caught somewhere between classic emo and grunge-era sedation with no indication of power chords in the band's past to be found, it ultimately hints that the Warped Tour headliners might be ready to step out onto a more grown-up stage on their upcoming release. Title Fight have already floored listeners with a head-on collision of traditional post-hardcore in their past material, but "Head In the Ceiling Fan" hits you with a twist on the genre by swooping in above and around.

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