July 25, 2012

Sound Bites: Chelsea Light Moving, Crystal Castles and Tame Impala

Chelsea Light Moving's "Empires Of Time"

Thurston Moore's new band Chelsea Light Moving appears to be on a blitz of sorts to get listeners as much material into their ears before the quartet makes their first trek across Europe in August. We've already heard two excellent previews in "Burroughs" and the Recommended "Groovy & Linda,", and today -- in celebration of Thurston's 54th birthday -- the Sonic Youth frontman is sharing their latest track "Empires Of Time." Moore wrote a short anecdote about the song over on the Matablog, and AS is beginning to sense a theme here with Chelsea Light Moving's music which involves NYC and the wordsmiths that inspired him...

Chelsea Light Moving - "Empires Of Time"

Crystal Castles' "Plague"

Electronic noisemakers Crystal Castles gravitated away from the chaotic static clash of their debut toward a more serene and celestial soundscape on 2010's second self-titled release. "Plague" is a new song which is assumed will end up on the duo's forthcoming album, which at the time of press has no name or scheduled release date, but an autumn arrival would make sense considering it's witch house / goth pop textures (or are we simply just saying its "derivative of Grimes" these days?) that would suit the season.

Tame Impala's "Elephant"

Tame Impala drew interest here on AS in their forthcoming effort Lonerism (due out October 9th on Modular) with its first preview and Recommended Listen "Apocalypse Dreams." Where that track fluttered in doomed sunlight, the album's first official single "Elephant" puts a bubble around the Australian quartet's wandering pysch-pop haze that allows you to see the colors just as vividly alongside a beat that stomps just like the animal this one's named after.

Tame Impala - "Elephant"

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