July 15, 2012

Talk Normal

New York City has served as the world's unofficial hub of noise rock for the past few decades, but with the independent music scene becoming more focused on fashionable and synthetic textures in recent years, it started to feel like its primal nature that once raised hell from the city's burroughs was being shoved back into the holes in the walls from which they came. Not to say that noise has ever went away, but as is the usual cycle of how things work in the music world, the Big Apple (and subsequently the indie scene all over) is feeling a reactionary shift to all the ear-friendly pop by getting loud again. Like recent Brooklyn-based BUZZSound peers YVETTE, Talk Normal are a duo made up of friends Sarah Register and Andrya Ambro. Since 2007, they've been quietly creating jarring, rhythmically droning material that's equally complex and melodious thanks to Register and Ambro's dueling vocals, amassing several 7" and cassette releases along with their well-received 2009 debut Sugarland. Every press junket out there has admirably drawn similarities between them, Lydia Lunch, Karen O and Kim Gordon -- which are great likenesses and all, but just because all five are women in NYC who play noise rock, it doesn't mean Talk Normal isn't sounding like anybody aside from Talk Normal. Cassette-friendly label Joyful Noise Recordings realized the band's untapped potential and originality, and has done the right thing by signing them, with plans to release their sophomore effort Sunshine October 23rd on all formats. To date, they've opened up for the likes of Sonic Youth and Zola Jesus, and while no extensive future tours have been announced just yet, the time is coming for Talk Normal and the re-burgeoning NYC noise rock scene to reclaim its focal point center stage.

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