August 27, 2012

Hear New Sound: Hostage Calm's "Brokenheartland"

Melodic hardcore makers Hostage Calm are a pretty young band, and so it makes sense that they're still growing up not only in life but with their musical ambitions as well. Their 2010 self-titled effort established the Connecticut quintet as a band that could not only balance elements of pop punk, hardcore and rock in a crafty way, but do so without showing their age like most others in the genre do. On October 9th, Hostage Calm will release Please Remain Calm on Run for Cover Records, and it's already shaping up to be another big growth spurt for these punks. Not only did they enter the studio alongside influential D.C. hardcore scene heavyweight J. Robbins (Government Issue, Jawbox) who has produced great albums in the past for the Dismemberment Plan, Jawbreaker and Paint It Black, but the LP itself confronts the introspective topic of what it is to be young and growing up in the midst of a deep and seemingly endless recession. "Brokenheartland" is the first listen, and it's title speaks to those sentiments. Hear the worst of times bring out the best in Hostage Calm below...

(via FILTER)

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