August 4, 2012

LIVESound: Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem Plays with the Wallflowers

On one hand, you have Brian Fallon, lead singer for the red hot Gaslight Anthem who are currently riding huge momentum following the release of their latest and Recommended current #3-album-in-the-nation effort Handwritten, and on the other, you have alt-rock veterans the Wallflowers, whose success arguably peaked sometime during the '90s, yet have kept a respectable loyal fan base in tact. Fallon has always been outspoken about his love of Bob Dylan, so it makes sense he'd be a fan of the legendary songwriter's son Jakob Dylan's music work as well (and who wouldn't be -- the band's 1996 breakthrough Bringing Down the Horse is stacked with the hits that defined AS' radio-listening childhood.) Perhaps due to the waning interest by the masses in the Wallflowers, few Internet headlines were made after these two eras of contemporary rock joined on stage last week in Fallon and the Gaslight Anthem's New Jersey backyard at the Stone Pony. Together, the Wallflowers and Fallon played a total of four songs in "Three Marlenas," "The Difference," "Sleepwalker" and a rendition of "Peace, Love and Understanding." Also, it should also be noted that for some odd reason, Brian Fallon is attributed as the author of the Wallflowers' bio page on detailing their forthcoming new direction LP Glad All Over, which debuted its Clash-y Mick Jones-featuring new single "Reboot the Mission" earlier this week. So basically, the Wallflowers never stopped being in with the cool kids. Some further proof below...

"Three Marlenas"

"The Difference"

(Videos via Kari Culver)

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