August 4, 2012

Nü Sensae and White Lung

What's great about a geo-centric music scene is how they can turn an otherwise uneventful part of the world into an area bubbling with new sounds and movements among like-minded artists. Toronto may get all the props for being Canada's unofficial music capital where everyone from Fucked Up, Drake and the Weeknd call home, but way out on the western half of the Great White North, the terrain gets a bit more rougher, and so does the sound as you head into Vancouver. This installment of BUZZSound introduces you two bands who aren't named Japandroids that are feeding off each others' volatile artsy hardcore aggression and putting the so-called No Fun City back on the map...

Nü Sensae

Andrea Lukic and Daniel Pitou originally set out to leave their mark on the musical landscape by crashing through the scene with only their bass, drum kit and DIY ethics in tow. In 2007, they formed Nü Sensae as a duo, unleashing their doom-laden, bludgeoning punk riffs across North America with an endless touring schedule, a well-received 2010 debut in TV, Death and the Devil and keeping the momentum building afterword with more touring, new EPs, singles and even a monthly zine to keep their growing fan base at a comfortable arm's length. Realizing there was something needed to grow artistically, however, Nü Sensae recently became a trio by inviting homegrown noise rocker and guitarist Brody McKnight into the fold, thus adding an additional layer or ear-swallowing intensity and a neural collapse of space to their sound. These big changes are more evident than ever on Nü Sensae's upcoming sophomore effort and Suicide Squeeze debut Sundowning, which arrives on August 7th. And yes, they'll be touring nearly every single day during the month of August in support of it.

White Lung

The hardcore punk revival of recent years has sparked new interest in its golden age-era "fuck all" ethos of the '80s, and White Lung is adding a different spin on them by raging with them as much as they are against them. It's unfortunate that yesterday's scene is mostly remembered as an exclusive boys' club, but thanks to the wonders of social progress and the '90s riot grrrl movement, you wouldn't even flinch over the fact that this Vancouver punk quartet is three-fourths female (It's 2012 -- It shouldn't matter. We're beyond that in this day in age, right?) Consisting of frontwoman Mish Way, guitarist Kenneth William, Grady Mackintosh on bass and Anne-Marie Vissilou behind the kit, White Lung is the sound of carnal extremity with a respectable helping of melodic accessibility in a similar fashion that fellow Canucks Fucked Up treaded early on. It may not be the most punkest direction to travel, but it makes sense all the more sense once you realize that Mish (who also moonlights are a writer) finds inspiration in rebelling unconsciously against the norms much like kindred spirits Courtney Love and Kathleen Hanna did in the '90s while understanding that in modern times, gender agendas don't define art. And so what you hear is basically what you get, served up in straight-forward fashion. White Lung recently released their sophomore effort Sorry on Deranged Records, and they'll be playing alongside the Men and Ceremony in the coming months.

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