August 29, 2012

Song Review: Trash Talk's "F.E.B.N."

Over the course of the past few years, we've grown comfortably uncomfortable with the ruthless brand of aggression that shreds through the speakers whenever a track by SoCal hardcore quartet Trash Talk comes on. Bashing guitars, ear-busting drums and a full on primal scream from frontman Lee Spielman are the band's calling card, and on last year's listmaking EP effort Awake, we heard the blood in their sound come to a boil as they tackled protest songs and social apathy. Trash Talk's visibility in the music world has jumped up a few rings on the ladder since being dubbed Breakthrough Artists here on AS back in 2010, as they now find themselves on Odd Future Records' roster, but a few more eyeballs and ears don't seem to be changing the way Trash Talk play -- or think for that matter -- as evidenced by "F.E.B.N.." It's the first single off their forthcoming effort 119, due out on October 9th. Named after the address of their Los Angeles creative space, the band says the album's theme was influenced by the destitute street scenery surrounding their club house, which we get a small sampling of as Spielman alludes to bodies getting scraped off the floor and waging his own war against failure. Sonically, Trash Talk continue to welcome the sound in anger into their studio, with "F.E.B.N." using Awake as a stepping off point to levitate themselves only slightly above it with guitars curling under the vocals instead laying into them. It gives you the hint that these community conscious punks really want you to hear what they're saying more than ever (even if in just under two minutes) instead of just getting off on the sheer velocity and impact of their sound, but make no mistake about it -- Trash Talk still aren't taking any breathers along the way.

Trash Talk - "F.E.B.N."

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