August 2, 2012

Sound Bites: Chelsea Light Moving, Cult of Youth and Grizzly Bear

Chelsea Light Moving's "Frank O'Hara Hit"

It turns out that the latest track to trickle out from Thurston Moore's new band Chelsea Light Moving isn't quite what it seems. The band's label Matador Records apparently swapped in the wrong song when they posted it on their Matablog, inserting the Roky Erickson-homaging tune "Empires of Time" instead of the ode to the '60s-era NYC poet. Matador's gaff is listeners' gain nonetheless, and so today, we get "Frank O'Hara Hit" as it was originally intended. We've got an EPs worth of material here, and if that's not enough, keep your ears out for Thurston's newest endeavor: A member of the black metal supergroup Twilight.

Chelsea Light Moving's "Frank O'Hara Hit"

Cult of Youth's "Garden of Delights"

The gothy neo-folk BUZZSound alumni known as Cult of Youth are readying the September 4th release of their latest effort Love Will Prevail on Sacred Bones. In early July, the Brooklyn-based project of leader Sean Ragon debuted the LP's first listen, the ritualistic transcending track "Man and Man's Ruin." The latest offering, "Garden of Delights," has a song title that sounds equally serene, but evil just incarnate happens to prevail over this one. This already sounds great now, but just think of how much better it'll play when the weather chills out and haunted happenings are on the mind...

Grizzly Bear's "Yet Again"

Shields, the forthcoming third album from Grizzly Bear, arrives on September 18th via Warp and will be amongst one of many high-profile efforts coming our way during this year's impressive fall release schedule. We've already heard the Recommended rocker that is the Daniel Rossen-led "Sleeping Ute," and today, we get more high hopes fulfilled in "Yet Again." This one's got Ed Droste leading the way on a sky-wide listen that has some more artistic growth to get excited with the level of open air the Brooklyn art rock quartet conquers, contradicting their normally confined sound.

Grizzly Bear - "Yet Again"

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