September 30, 2012

Hear New Sound: California X's "Pond Rot" (Unmastered)

According to frontman Lemmy Gurtowsky on California X's Bandcamp page, the sludgy Amherst, MA punk trio and recent BUZZSound are currently putting the final touches on their forthcoming debut album. As of time of posting, the LP has no formal title or release date, but Gurtowsky offered up a "sneak peek" of it in the form of a new unmastered listen, "Pond Rot." "Unmastered" must be some sort of understatement on his part, as the track finds California X filling in a much higher ceiling to the brim with crunch and crackle riffage unlike the small-room DIY confines heard on the '90s indie revisionist's "Sucker" b / w "Mummy" single from earlier this year. It's a transition that reminds AS very much of the audible differences between a track on Bleach and one from Nevermind, which I guess makes Calfifornia X Western Mass' modern day version of Nirvana? I'm cool with that (and if the band ultimately decides to leave the track as is.) Get your feet wet in "Pond Rot" below...

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