September 28, 2012

Hear New Sound: Chelsea Wolfe's "Appalachia" / "Flatlands"

A diminishing amount of daylight and a crisp bite in the air will welcome the arrival of gothic songstress and recent BUZZSound Chelsea Wolfe's latest effort, Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs, due out October 16th via Sargent House. While the album title might lead listeners to believe this is an entirely bare bones work of material (especially when taking into account last year's Apokalypsis saw her experiment with heavier soundscapes,) it's stunning how the California singer-songwriter's interpretation of acoustic finds plenty of dynamic ways to affix eerie rattles, forlorn string sections and echoes into the wide-open space that's available to her. The latest previews off Unknown Rooms... include "Appalachia" and "Flatlands," two diverse examples of how Ms. Wolfe's gorgeously weaves darkness around stories of doomed love into her brand of ominous neo-folk. There's a certain dark magic to the way these songs feel that makes the annual overtaking of pitch black skies feel morbidly comforting...

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