September 17, 2012

Hear New Sound: METZ' "Wet Blanket"

Years of releasing singles and playing in DIY dives are finally culminating in a deserved payoff for Toronto scuzz rock export METZ, who crank out their self-titled debut album in a big way for indie powerhouse Sub Pop Records on October 9th. In AS' profile of the recent BUZZSound, you were able to hear "Headache," the brain-shaking first single from the release which showed off the trio's messy flair for fucking up the stereo system by turning the amps way up, pummeling their drum kits, stomping through grungy riffs and shoving the gospel according to Steve Albini straight into your ear canal. "Wet Blanket" is the latest single to come our way off the LP, and it ups the physicality more so than the first impression, which goes without saying: It's loud. Get your ears "Wet..." below...

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