September 20, 2012

Hear New Sound: Pinback's "His Phase"

Back in August, AS properly assessed "Proceed to Memory," the first listen in over five years off of Pinback's return album Information Received (due out October 16th on Temporary Residence) and pointed out the veteran San Diego indie rock project's new found focus on restrained loudness. It also included a reinvigorated sense of purpose to their sound all whilst reacquainting listeners with the band's shifty chord progressions and signature undertow bass lines. "His Phase" is LP five's second single, and it's a mid-tempo listen that feels right for a autumn night with the windows open in the way it emphasizes Rob Crow and Zach Smith's strength in curling hooks over and every which way around each other into a dizzying fit of cool, twilight rock goodness. Hear the next phase of Pinback in "His Phase" below...

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