September 4, 2012

LIVESound: Ceremony Debuts New Song at FYF Fest

Over the course of Labor Day weekend, thousands upon thousands of punk and indie music fans congregated to Los Angeles' State Historic Park for the newly expanded two-day installment of the FYF Fest. AwkwardSound had the pleasure of being there, and it must say: the FYF Fest continues to prove itself as one of the best festivals for real music fans (here's look down at you Coachella...) who are on top of up and comers worth the buzz alongside anyone with an appreciative ear for punk, hardcore and seminal alt-rock vets. AS called out Ceremony as being one of FYF's must-see acts last week in its preview, and the Bay Area quintet did not disappoint during their insane Sunday set that still has me coughing up dust kicked up from their stage-spanning circle pit. The band also took the opportunity to debut a new track entitled "Everything Burns," a fiery, chaotic number that makes full use of its title and finds Ross Farrar and company treading familiar unstable ground circa their pre-Zoo material. Watch them light up the FYF Fest below...

Ceremony - "Everything Burns" (Live at FYF Fest, Los Angeles, CA)

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