September 24, 2012

Night Sins

Hardcore will never die, but it's not to say there won't ever come a time soon when the marketplace becomes over-saturated with less authentic sounds as imitators make a run at relevance thanks to the trails blazed by the genre's earnest newcomers before them. As we've already witnessed with recent BUZZSound Merchandise, some punk-bred musicians feel that stepping outside the box and asserting their hardcore values into a different role will give them renewed purpose. Night Sins' Kyle Kimball is the latest to see the writing on the wall. A drummer since the age of 16 who now sits in with gloomy Philly hardcore threat Salvation, he's already familiarized himself with a DIY payoff as the band has amassed a cult following in circle pits across the east coast, opening for the likes of American Nightmare, the Trash Talk / Touché Amoré-member-featuring side-project DNF and, yes -- Merchandise, too -- along the way. Night Sins is an entirely different breed of darkness however. A sombering dark wave project that began in 2010 between Kimball, guitarist Drew Ferry and bassist Chris Betts, the trio remained inactive until recently for the most part, releasing a few demos and a shelved 12". Kimball decided to put his all into stepping in front of the stage instead remaining behind a kit, quitting his day job in the process and now fully committed to fronting a gothy fashioncore band influenced by the Sisters of Mercy and the Mission that counteracts the grizzly violence you'll otherwise see him embracing as part of Salvation. Avant! Records, the Italian label who has released efforts in the past year by VÅR and Lust for Youth, will be putting out Night Sins' debut LP New Grave this week just in time to precede the annual deprivation of daylight and vitamin D. It's an listen inspired by dead romance with a sound backed by its ghosts that will find lonely company with those in mourning and who can't be bothered by cold wave's glitzier last-dance-of-the-night invitations. For a band essentially starting out from scratch, Night Sins has already set a promising live pace by sharing dates with Touché Amoré, Defeater and Ume -- A testament to their willingness to ignore stylistic differences. That trend will continue during their forthcoming October tour that sees them taking the stage with BUZZSound alumni Cult of Youth and shoegazing Philly co-conspirators Nothing, proving there is life after hardcore, even if it involves hanging around in cemeteries for inspiration.

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