September 17, 2012

Song Review: Drake's "Where Were You" (feat. Dawn Richard)

After spending the past year game-changing the hip-hop world with his latest effort Take Care, guesting on fellow OVO crewmembers' tracks and respectfully resurrecting ghosts, it looks like the hip-hop workhorse known as Drake is now entering that in-between period with endeavors where he quietly trickles out new tracks and demos to keep his listeners baited on him. "Where Were You" has been floating around in various forms since the So Far Gone mixtape sessions, and again popped up on the 'net over the weekend with no warning from the man known as Drizzy. If it isn't a finished single, it sure sounds like one with the potential to be. Featuring former Danity Kane / Diddy-Dirty Money member Dawn Richard and Noah "40" Shabib's signature underscored sultry production, "Where Were You" has the Toronto native retreating from the dark textures that dominated Take Care in exchange for uptempo syncopated beats that -- along with a slicked out falsetto chorus -- dangerously border the fence of FM-ready dance-pop. Maybe this is Drake's cool-headed way of waging war on the blood Chris Brown has shed on (and off) the radio. If not, then Drake dignifies the past few years of over-produced dance hits by steering it back on course to a direction that allows you to appreciate every movement rather than tire from its homogeneity.

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