September 10, 2012

Sound Bites: Fear of Men, Death Grips and Oneohtrix Point Never

Fear of Men's "Mosaic"

London / Brighton-based boy-girl quatro Fear of Men are a gorgeous and dreamy-sounding indie act who've just a few singles under their satchels to date, and today, they really grabbed AS' attention with their latest, "Mosaic." Complete with soft-spoken heartache and plucked guitars entwined into samples of old radio telecasts, it's the kind of song that stays with you immediately upon first hearing it and begs you to dig up everything else out there by them. (Luckily, their singles will be collectively be found on a compilation, Early Fragments, due out next year.) "Mosaic" will be released on October 15th via Too Pure, and the band will be playing a big gig in London opening for Best Coast on September 18th.

Death Grips' "@deathgripz"

Like Wavves recently did, Cali noise rap trio and BUZZSound Death Grips have offered up a new track for Adult Swim's 2012 Singles Series. "@deathgripz" (which takes its name from the band's Twitter handle) is a more straight-forward and dance-heavy outtake from this year's excellent debut, The Money Store, so if you're wondering if this is any indication as to where they're heading on its follow-up, NO LOVE DEEP WEBB, don't read too much into it. That album, by the way, is due out sometime in October. The 0PN / Rene Hell split arrives September 18th on NNA Tapes.

Oneohtrix Point Never's "Stone of Spiritual Understanding"

Coasts will collide when Brooklyn's Oneohtrix Point Never adds a brand new split LP alongside Los Angeles-based experimental noise artist Rene Hell to his progressively prolific catalog. For his part, 0PN contributes “Music For Reliquary House,” a series of five sonic reworkings from the “Reliquary House” audio / visual installation that Daniel Lopatin recently collaborated on with video artist Nate Boyce. "Stone of Spiritual Understanding" is our first preview, a vocally sampled and dismantled listen in the vain of last year's highly recommended Replica.

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