October 4, 2012


Whatever the hell is in Massachusetts' water these days that's been revitalizing the western half's punk, hardcore and indie scenes must be trickling its way down to its southern neighbors in Connecticut. From the sounds of it, the rural coast-side city of Milford is collecting the brunt as evidenced by FINS, a young and unhinged trio who in just under a year has managed to leave ears ringing in the area by applying Black Flag's messy Rollins-era intensity and a bit of the Replacement's smartened-up pop consciousness into their free falling punk stew. Despite having just taken their structureless act onto the road in early 2012, the self-professed "moss punk" band made up of Scott Bowers-Defino, the very punkly-named John Lydon and Nate Sadowski are three dudes who've put in years ahead of time playing in various noise punk projects. The unfettered rawness in their sound gives them an edge however, and that's exactly what you could want today from a band of their nature considering decades ago, the scene was legitimized by the power of amateurism posturing. This week, FINS' debut EP Lawnmower came out on Obscure Me Records. The listen includes four tracks in just 10 minutes of scrappy, structureless punk blitzkrieg that sneaks in a chorus behind a jolt of fuzz here and there, but ultimately is bent on grabbing your ears by the drums and holding them down for a short but memorable cochlear ass-kicking. At the moment, FINS don't have too many dates on their schedule to support their first release, but with Pitchfork already on their tail, it's looking like a better time than ever to dive right into this CT trio's garbage barrel of punk-everything.

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