October 19, 2012

Grass Is Green

With all the Internet praise for a band like METZ at this week's CMJ Marathon, it got AS was thinking how appropriate it would be if the Blood Brothers reunited while the post-hardcore revival iron is hot. You see, the thing about the Blood Brothers was that while recent BUZZSounds such as METZ and PILE really do a great job at sounding meticulously heavy and loud, they owned that certain schizoid behavior in their sound made from ear-curling screams, frantic dance punk chord progressions and weird noise breakdowns the scene could seriously use right now before it all becomes predictable. Boston's Grass Is Green might not have an annoying vocalist at the Cody Votolato level in their army, but there's that electrified spark in their brand of post-hardcore that makes giving them a listen a fun challenge for those who prey on the acquired taste. The quartet of frontman and guitarist Andy Chervenak, Devin McKnight (also on guitar,) bassist Michael John Thomas III and drummer Jesse Weiss are by no means noobies at this game either, coming together in 2010 and having already released three(!) albums since 2011 in Yeddo, Chibimoon and this year's breakout effort, Ronson. The latter is their most cohesive LP to date, where Grass Is Green's broad influences from across the scuzzy punk board (Unwound, Jawbox, Rapeman and No Age) somehow rear their sharp horns in each track and don't end up killing each other, showing that these dudes are not only well-studied in post-hardcore mediation, but fine craftsman and manipulators of it as well. The band recently released a new split single with Two Inch Astronaut on Exploding In Sound Records, and are currently in the midst of being touring maniacs who rarely ever take a day off while on the road. There will be a well-deserved reward waiting for Grass Is Green, however, when they return home to Boston at the end of it in November, as they're slated to open for ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.

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