October 15, 2012

Hear New Sound: Cold Cave's "Tristan Corbière"

Cold Cave's Wes Eisold recently unveiled an unreleased track he wrote all by his lonesome himself in the Recommended Listen "A Little Death to Laugh," which is set to be released as a 7" EP sometime later this month (it'll be available on their upcoming tour with Divine Fits as well.) The A-side featured a somewhat deconstructed take on the cold wave project's typically fleshed out wavy synth sound, with Eisold only holding a few bare bones instruments and a synthesizer in his grips during the recording. The flip side to the 7" continues with that trend both sonically and thematically, as the Tristan Corbière-inspired listen pays homage to the late 19th century poet yet again in, uh -- "Tristan Corbièr,." This one's completely instrumental and devoid of any lurching reverb to the point that its light and airy squeeze still somehow makes it fell creepy. Wordless praise to a poet below...

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