October 1, 2012

Hear New Sound: Death Grips' NO LOVE DEEP WEB

It began on Sunday with reports that someone had hacked the back end registry of Death Grips' website, posting an unreleased track by the name of "True Vulture Bare" on YouTube in the process, and then carried on throughout the day with the hardcore noise rap trio taking to Twitter with a string of cryptic messages like "everyone at once" and "O C T 1" as well as less subtle hints such as "The label wouldn't confirm a release date for NO LOVE DEEP WEB 'till next year sometime.'" At the stroke of midnight, Death Grips self-leaked NO LOVE DEEP WEB, the BUZZSound's highly anticipated sophomore follow-up to this year's excellent debut The Money Store. The effort has been planned from the very start, but after what appears to be some internal drama in major label paradise, the Sacremento-based trio has decided instead to let Sony Epic / Columbia hear the new LP for the first time with the rest of the world. As for "True Vulture Bare," Pitchfork has confirmed with the band's drumming virtuoso Zach Hill that the cut is actually a B-side slated to appear on an upcoming animated collaboration with Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art. You can get tangled in Death Grips' NO LOVE DEEP WEB below, or just take it as yours free to download with a middle finger up in the sky directed toward Sony here.

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