October 9, 2012

Hear New Sound: New Albums from Chelsea Wolfe and Tamaryn

This autumn includes two seasonably fitting gifts from AwkwardSound's most favorite up-and-coming female artists, and while stylistically both songwriters couldn't sound any more different, together they offer up the perfect juxtaposition in your earbuds for comfortably tepid days and the brisk, daylight-starved evenings and nights. Perhaps it has something to do with the locale of each in the Golden State. For San Francisco's Tamaryn, a dash of colorful nu-gaze haze and woozy guitars filter warmth into listeners' general direction while Los Angeles' darkness-obsessed maiden and recent BUZZSound Chelsea Wolfe imagines stories of spellbinding romance behind the lonely gates of cemeteries and old haunts. Tamaryn's sophomore effort Tender New Signs and the stripped-down effort from Wolfe entitled Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs both arrive on October 16th, via Mexican Summer and Sargent House respectively. We've already soaked in amber rays from Tamaryn's early previews on "I'm Gone" and "Heavenly Bodies", while Wolfe has morbidly dazzled in the night sky with "Appalachia" and "Flatlands," but now you can hear their new LPs in full. Fall hard below...

Chelsea Wolfe's Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs

Tamaryn's Tender New Signs

(via Gorilla vs. Bear)

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