October 22, 2012

Hear New Sound: New Singles from Alan Watts and Fasano

Over the past two years, Godmode Records has successfully quartered Brooklyn's noise and punk scenes with Mr. Dream and two of this year's best breakthroughs in SLEEPIES and YVETTE. On the heels of being a successful talking point at this year's CMJ Marathon, it only makes sense that the label ran by Mr. Dream drummer Nick Sylvester is using increased eyeballs today to introduce listeners to two more artists that will surely diversify Godmode's stylistic range in the scene. The philisophically-named BK trio Alan Watts is "the birth of Brooklyn industrial," and features Mike Sheffield (also of Heaven's Gate,) Pat Stankard and one Jeremy Krinsley, who carries on the tradition of journalists-turned-musicians at Godmode (he once did time as an editor at Impose.) Their new single "Executioner" b/w "Twin City" is a beat-heavy affair that livens up the scuzzy feel of the label with colorful slashes of dark synth textures wound around faint choruses at a whiplash pace. Matty Fasano on the other hand is the guy Godmode must take home to meet the parents, because this piano-playing pop-making dude (who also plays bass in ARMS) doesn't sound like he has a mean bone in his body. MTV Hive premiered his new single "Muzzle You," "a frustrated song about frustrating people...” that makes for the perfect weekend buzzkill soundtrack (in a good way) as you drunkenly stagger home following a night of rejection. Both singles will be officially released on October 23rd, and while AS is crossing its fingers for a WTF collaboration between these two at some point, we'll get acquainted with what we're being offered below...

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