October 21, 2012

Hear New Sound: Tegan and Sara's "I'm Not Your Hero"

A month ago, sister act Tegan and Sara gave themselves a glossy dance-pop makeover with "Closer," the highly contagious Recommended Listen and first single off their forthcoming album Heartthrob, due out in January 2013 on Warner Bros. As excellent of an instantaneous pop gem the track is, you have to imagine some long-time fans who live for the Canadian duo's penchant for hooky guitar-based power-pop might feel a bit unsatisfied with the band's new direction. "I'm Not Your Hero" is the latest preview off Tegan and Sara's seventh studio effort, and luckily for them, it'll ease over any worries until the next track drops. The high-end production from Greg Gurstin here has expanded the indie poppers' choruses to a level ready to fill up arenas (like those they've been playing in when opening for the Black Keys and the Killers in recent months,) yet despite swelling the synths exponentially, you could easily strip away all of that and still have T & S playing an intimate acoustic set somewhere with this song. Do as you please below...

Tegan and Sara - "I'm Not Your Hero"

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