October 25, 2012

Hear New Sound: White Lung's "Two of You" / "Hunting Holiday"

When AwkwardSound divulged this year's best breakthrough acts, BUZZSound alumni White Lung were an easy inclusion. On this year's so, so excellent sophomore effort Sorry, the three-fourths-female quartet hailing from Vancouver give the music world a fast and furious reminder through melodic bouts of hardcore punk that frontwoman such as Mish Way can definitely steal the show with just as much anger and volatility as her male peers in the scene. White Lung just wrapped up a fall tour through Europe, and while out there, they put out a new 7" single featuring new tracks "Two of You" b / w "Hunting Holiday." Not about to leave their North American listeners out in the cold, they've made both songs available to stream, with both finding White Lung continuing on with Sorry's angsty pop punk prowl, if not with sharper nails and teeth as the guitars splice their way through as many corners as possible in under two-minutes. Get cut up in the chaos below...

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