October 29, 2012

LIVESound: Death from Above 1979 Debut New Songs In Ontario

Death from Above 1979 had a pretty messy split when they initially broke up back in 2006, but ever since the Toronot noise punk duo reunited in surprising fashion at the 2011 edition of Coachella, it seems Sebastian Granger and Jesse Keeler are hell bent on making it work the second time around. After a successful run of festival dates and shows, DFA1979 has apparently written their first new material since 2004's Aughties-era classic You're a Woman, I'm a Machine, and they're currently en route across their native Canada giving them a test drive (Back in September, Grainger wrote on their website, "The only we feel like we can make them any good is to go out and play them for people. We’re going to throw our little muscle bound babies to the lions and see who survives. We tried just jumping into the studio, but the songs lacked spirit. They lacked life. So this tour is song CPR.") The duo kicked off said-tour last night in Ontario, and there they followed through on their promise by debuting two devastating new rockers, which -- while rough and fuzzy due to the video quality -- show promising signs for a full-fledged Death from Above 1979 reincarnation. A little live audio / visual mouth-to-mouth below...

Untitled New Song #1

Untitled New Song #2

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