October 14, 2012

LIVESound: Passion Pit Play SNL

Living in Boston right around the time their Chunk of Change debut EP became a breakout success, it still kind of amazes AwkwardSound to see Passion Pit's star continue to climb. AS remembers the days when they were playing Allston's small clubs and the regulars in the Beantown circuit were miffed as to where these MIT kids -- promptly signed to Frenchkiss and lauded by Pitchfork -- even came from. Since then, Passion Pit has seamlessly made it as a huge indie-to-major label crossover, with their sophomore LP Gossamer being one of the most well-received electronic pop albums of the year. Their appearance on last night's episode of Saturday Night Live marks a new fete for the quartet. Even with all their recent success, it's still been a tough road to happily embrace it for frontman Michael Angelakos, with a string of cancelled tour dates right around Gossamer's release dampening the occasion. Passion Pit ended up beating the odds of 30 Rock's otherwise unforgiving sound system with flawless performances of "Take a Walk" and "Carried Away." This one had to feel nice.

"Take a Walk"

"Carried Away"

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