October 1, 2012

Song Review: Ceremony's "Everything Burns"

When all is said and done this year, 2012 will go down as the year Ceremony's punk evolution with their highly Recommended Matador debut Zoo came and conquered the indie scene, alongside breaking the Rohnert Park quintet into much different audiences beyond the usual hardcore circles. They've also managed to tour endlessly across the globe in support of their latest effort, and this fall, Ceremony has the honor of opening up for Titus Andronicus during their national tour to mark the release of the Jersey rocker's forthcoming effort, Local Business. Most interestingly about this is that the two bands are teaming up to release a limited tour-only split 7" single that will feature Local Business' first listen "In a Big City" and a new track from Ceremony, "Everything Burns," recorded during their Zoo sessions. The latter originally debuted at this year's FYF Fest, but the the differences between the live rip-roar and the mastered studio cut are encouragingly exciting as far as Ceremony's immediate future goes. Primary guitarist Anthony Anzaldo took a lot of the the circle pit-forming fury out of their riffs on Zoo, brought them into the garage and cleaned up some of the rough edges without losing any of their razor sharp angles. You could say "Everything Burns" was the final coat of post-punk polish on these refinements that for whatever reason never made their way onto the end result LP judging by how smoothly the neon guitars zip up and down at a pace to match Ross Farar's manic growls. It's a good sign when the tracks hidden away for special occasions such as great tours are equally remarkable, as "Everything Burns" shoots off a few new creative sparks our way from Ceremony that keep their ongoing transformation interesting.

Ceremony - "Everything Burns"

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