October 25, 2012

Song Review: Christopher Owens' "Here We Go"

Since his surprising announcement earlier this year that he would be leaving GIRLS, the question as to what its eccentric former frontman Chrisopher Owens would do next with his career hasn't been so much a matter of "What?" but rather "When?," as going solo seemed right on the horizon. The time to unveil his next body of work is now, as Owens has indeed gone out on his own and will be releasing a self-by-lined debut effort Lysandre on January 15th via Fat Possum Records. "Here We Go" is amongst the first two listens offered up from the LP (the other being the short instrumental intro "Lysandre's Theme") which Owens describes as a "coming of age story, a road trip story, a love story" about a woman he met at a music festival in 2008 while on tour and subsequently fell in love with in the years to come. Owens' narratives are of course the primary focus here, but the music itself is a welcome return of the familiar intricately spindled songwriting craftsmanship off last year's solid GIRLS swan song Father, Son, Holy Ghost (producer Doug Boehm, who recorded that effort, reunites with Owens once again here,) featuring mostly acoustic balladry in the key of A and reed fluting guesting about that isn't too far removed from "Just a Song" or "Jamie Marie." While there's no radical rebirth stylistically here for the Saint Laurent pinup, Owens notes in his introduction to the album this is music written in a "an even more personal manner" than he had before. The songs of GIRLS had their fair share of autobiography, but there's something to be said knowing that "Here We Go" represents a beautifully authentic depiction of life creating art.

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