October 9, 2012

Song Review: Free Energy's "Dance All Night"

Up until now, it's always been a party for Free Energy. The Philly quartet reinvigorated Detroit Rock City licks on their summer-encrusted 2010 debut Stuck on Nothing, and more recently, it seemed like they would be keeping their affliction for carefree classic pop rock fun in tact when they debuted "Electric Fever" back in March. "Dance All Night" is the latest listen off their long-awaited sophomore effort Love Sign, due out January 15th on their newly established Free People label. The mood at this party sure has changed, however, as the track is a total bummer of a jam filled with neon guitars and bright shouts in the background while a disco ball beat spins overhead, only to illuminate itself on a dejected Paul Sprangers having a terrible time with his ex-lover-to-be. In contrast to the high-top kickin' band's past boogies, "Dance All Night"'s emotive shift creates some impressive new moves out there on the floor from Free Energy, especially when a slick set of keys attempt to carry Sprangers off of it. "I feel it comin' / I'm always runnin'," he answers back, and perhaps he knows that as long as he stands his ground out there and continues to dance with his lover's ghost, he won't have to accepts the heartache he already knows to be true.

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