October 9, 2012

Song Review: How to destroy angel_'s "Keep it together"

After spending the last few years working alongside Atticus Ross to soundtrack two of David Fincher's biggest blockbuster hits in The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (nabbing a Golden Globe and Oscar for the former in the process,) Trent Reznor is finally edging away from Hollywood to refocus himself back on his own studio efforts. Earlier this year, the alt-rock icon hinted that 2012 would see him writing new material for Nine Inch Nails, but more immediately, his latest band, How to destroy angels_, featuring wife and fellow musician Mariqueen Maandig alongside Ross and art director Rob Sheridan, would finally release their long-awaited debut album. That's becoming a bigger reality by the day, as Reznor has somewhat surprisingly jumped back in bed with a major label in Columbia Records, who will release Htda_'s sophomore EP An omen_ on November 13th. "Keep it together" is its first listen, and yes, the band is serious with all the underscores and proper use of case in their name and song titles. The first and only time we heard from this group was back in 2010 when they put out their self-titled debut EP, and in comparison to their sound back then compared to their newest apparition, Reznor and company have subdued the over-sized industrial electronic swelter in favor of minimized glitches and drum loops that -- if not for Mariqueen and Reznor's hushed intertwining vocals -- could easily be used as a backdrop to yet another eerie cinematic experience. Given the strength of Reznor and Ross to compose a haunting sensory-inducing substance, "Keep it together" is a gradual yet necessary transitional step away from the silver screen, even if it only sounds like a piece of a greater picture to come from How to destroy angels_.

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