October 15, 2012

Song Review: Lower's "Someone's Got It In for Me"

Back in August, AwkwardSound took a look at a hardcore band whose name is not Iceage that's also helping spearhead Copenhagen's modern DIY punk scene with BUZZSound Lower. Their noteworthy debut EP Walk On Heads finally made its way over to the States this past September thanks to Blind Prophet Records, but other than that, there hasn't been much news or sounds to come our way across the Atlantic from these visceral lo-fi thrashers. All that will change on November 15th when Lower releases " "Someone's Got It In for Me" b / w "But There Has to Be More," a brand new 7" single through the Chaos in Tejas festival-inbred label 540 Records (a European release will be handled by their Danish home, Escho.) There hasn't been a considerable gap in time between the release of their debut EP and this new listen, and it yet the growth shows on the A-side. "Someone's Got It In for Me" isn't quite as hyperactive as Walk On Heads' tracks, nor is it a short burst of disorder and indecipherable vocals that seem to define Denmark's current punk formula. Instead, the track burrows its way throughout the course of four minutes to a post-apocalyptic march toward the end of the rope for frontman Adrian Toubro, whose vocals sound to be at an effort to take their time and sound more assured than ever in the process. It's just a single, but it could very well be a sign that Lower has outgrown their raw and angst-driven skin without losing their inert sense of anarchy.

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