November 12, 2012

Hear New Sound: Asobi Seksu x Boris RSD Split

The second installment of the biannual vinyl devotee event known as Record Store Day is set to take place in just under two weeks on November 23rd, with this occasion's intent to steer huge crowds into your favorite indie music shop instead of pouring into big box retailers during the Black Friday rush. As always, this round's selection of rare gets and specialty releases has something for every music lover, with a split 7" single being released by Sargent House from sludgy Japanese experi-metalists Boris and fellow Japanese-speaking NYC dream poppers Asobi Seksu certainly being one to appease the neo-shoegaze enthusiasts out there. For Asobi Seksu's part, they tranquilize Boris' "Farewell," culled from the band's 2005 breakthrough Pink while Boris rocket Asobi Seksu's Citrus standout "New Years" (renamed "Neu Years") further out into the starry ends of the galaxy from which it catapulted the band back in '06. Hear Asobi Seksu and Boris burst apart in their own heavenly ways below...

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