November 13, 2012

Hear New Sound: The Bronx's "Ribcage"

The Bronx are setting aside their mariachi outfits for the time being and thankfully returning to what they do best, with playing high-octane hardcore rock. In February of next year, the Los Angeles punk quintet will release their first new full-length since 2008's third self titled effort with -- yup, you guessed it -- their fourth self-titled effort (nicknamed IV.) "Ribcage" is our first preview off the LP, and among the more immediately noticeable transformations in their sound on this outing is that their way harsh, sped-up tempos have given way to garage punk melodies made gloriously large by frontman Matt Caughtran leveling off the pitch in his scraping vocals. Perhaps all those stints opening for the Hives over the past year have rubbed off on them? Crack open the Bronx's "Ribcage" below...

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