November 4, 2012

Hear New Sound: The Evens' "King of Kings"

Since the indefinite hiatus of Fugazi in 2003, we certainly don't get as many opportunities to hear from legendary D.C. scenester Ian MacKaye as we'd like. It's in the few and far between reemergences of the Evens, however, that we find ourselves once again brought back to sanity by the elder statesman of hardcore. Alongside partner Amy Farina (of the Warmers,) the two have been using the genre's foundation over the past decade to create music that is just as politically and socially-resonating as any of either member's past projects, but from the perspective of two people whose careers grew up in a confrontational environment and have now settled at angling their strife from a progressively composed soundscape. The Odds, due out November 20th on Dischord Records, is the duo's first new effort in six years and third overall, bringing an even greater sense of structure from MacKaye and Farina's guitar-based melodic indie-punk as evidenced by its first listen, "King of Kings." In the wake of this week's election, hearing these two figures sing-shouting a marching anti-authority anthem makes their return quite timely, regardless of Vote 2012's outcome...

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