November 15, 2012

Hear New Sound: Geoff Rickly's Mixtape 1

We are nearing the one year anniversary since one of the greatest millennial post-hardcore groups of all time, Thursday, called it a day. Since then, frontman Geoff Rickly has maintained a relatively low profile, teasing work from his supergroup United Nations and playing the occasional solo show, where he's performed both "the best" of his former band and debuted brand new material of his own. Now, listeners are getting a better idea as to where Rickly may be heading next with his musical endeavors with his very first collection of solo songs entitled Mixtape 1. The tracks were recorded with Rickly's friends Don Devore (of Amazing Baby / Ink and Dagger,) Brendan Tobin (formerly of Red Sparowes,) fellow Thursday co-workers Brooks Tipton and Tom Keeley alongside Circa Survive's Anthony Green (whom he's about to embark on tour with) at his apartment in New Jersey, some of which during the heights of the Hurricane Sandy superstorm. The listen can be downloaded for free here, and as Rickly notes on his Tumblr, he plans on this becoming a "casual way to try out some new things", with nothing more to be expected from it other than making music for the love it. Among the songs included on Mixtape 1 are "Your Love Is a Pawn Shop," which AS brought you a live version of back in May, a re-worked answer to Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat" with "My Favorite Blue Raincoat," and a WTF-but-totally-necessary cover of Usher's "Climax." Get reacquainted with Mr. Rickly and his friends, be sure to hear him play these songs in the comfort of someone's home during his upcoming house show tour, and if you like what you hear, he recommends making a donation to the Red Cross to help the ongoing hurricane recovery efforts in his native New Jersey and the surrounding tr-state area.

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