November 15, 2012

Hear New Sound: Lower's "But There Has to Be More"

In October, BUZZSound alum (and in retrospect, a band that probably should have made the cut for AS' Best Breakthrough Artists of 2012) Lower debuted a brand new single in "Someone's Got It In for Me," due out November 15th on the Chaos on Tejas imprint 540 Records. It's the first new music from the Danish art-core quintet since their really great four-track EP debut Walk On Heads cracked them out of the Copenhagen DIY underground and into indie blogosphere notoriety. As AS noted in its song review for the track, it sounds like Lower are reigning their unbridled path of gritty, fast-paced hardcore into grueling post-punk territories, and now a listen to the single's B-side "But There Has to Be More" supports this conclusion. What doesn't seem to be evolving -- and for the better, as far as AwkwardSound is concerned -- is Lower's desire to play in the dark. Here's to looking forward to what's next...

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