November 28, 2012

Hear New Sound: LUST FOR YOUTH's "Saluting Rome" (AS Premiere)

On top of putting out a great split single with VÅR (whom they now share a member) this year, Swedish lo-fi electronic duo LUST FOR YOUTH have just seen their debut full-length Growing Seeds given the reissue treatment here in the States via the dark-minded workings at Sacred Bones after originally being released through Italy’s AVANT! Records back in April. The latter label is again stepping up to bring the rest of the world the synth experimentalists' previous efforts with a 12" remastered release of their Saluting Rome EP, originally put on on cassette in early 2012 via Posh Isolation. Those of you who own the original should know that one track's different here ("First Touch" has been swapped out for "Crossed") while those who have Sacred Bones' CD version of Growing Seeds will be familiar with a couple of the listens as well, as they were included as bonus tracks ("Virgins Hold Hands," "OSK.") The three additional songs, including its title track, make this an essential part of LFY's growing catalog none the less. Built around a LFY's signature penchant for radiating synth loops, "Saluting Rome" emphasizes Hannes Norrvide and Loke Rahbek affliction for electronic percussion that makes their sound such an agreeable force between punks and fashionistas. Hats off to LUST FOR YOUTH's "Saluting Rome" below...

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