November 29, 2012

Song Review: METZ' "Dirty Shirt"

As we became all too familiar with in 2012 on METZ' listmaking self-titled debut, the Toronto BUZZSound strictly operates under three simple, yet awesome conditions: Loud, fast or loud and fast. The post-hardcore revivalists are capping off their breakout year by releasing one more ear-buster of a new single, "Dirty Sheet" b /w "Leave Me Out," due out digitally December 4th via Sub Pop. If those two titles sound familiar to you, that's because they were originally put out as a bonus 7" for those who purchased the deluxe edition of their LP. The rest of us who haven't had our full fix yet of METZ' high decibel-levying damage, consider this a solid hold-me-over until next time. "Dirty Shirt" falls under the "loud and fast" category thanks to its menacing crunch, earth-shattering drums and Alex Edkins' hoarse anthems, similar to that which made LP cut "Wasted" one of 2012's 25 Best Songs. Whether this be a mere leftover track is a non-issue, as "Dirty Shirt" at this point raises curiosity as to where METZ' sound goes from here. It's pretty obvious years of practice made perfect and DIY releases has resulted in a fully-formed proper arrival, and while inflicting tinnitus onto listeners is keeping everyone baited for the time being, "Dirty Shirt" makes you wonder if more of the same would be enough on what's already shaping up to be a highly anticipated sophomore go.

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