November 13, 2012

Song Review: YVETTE's "Radiation"

During their recent interview with BreakThru Radio, BUZZSound co-signs and 2012 Breakthrough Artist listmakers YVETTE mentioned that an over-saturated touring schedule has stymied the creative output from the BK noise rock duo as of late, with just a 2010 EP and this year's "Erosion" b / w "Cold Sweat" single being their only releases to show during their three year existence. For a band as physical as YVETTE, weaning themselves out of a live environment understandably must be painstaking, but major ground through channeling their carnal pleasures into the studio is gained in the band's most fiercely rewarding listen to date with their new single "Radiation," out now via Godmode Records. The degree of difficulty YVETTE's sound consistently strives to outdo itself with is that of meticulously plotted noise rock that doesn't forgive calculated measures as a means to tear away the senses. As its name suggests, "Radiation" does its best to burn its way inside your skin through ear-piercing effects and restraint prefacing heavier -- dare I say "anthemic" -- surges of reverb and wild snares with each inflicting wave of caterwauling. Despite flirtatiously hindering on pop cohesion here, YVETTE's HEALTH-y habit of pedal shifting and Boredoms-like tribal beatdowns à la the Los Angeles band's 2007 self-titled debut continue to manifest here in brilliant ways. That gone-too-soon style of noise innovation which its originators continue veering away from in order to embrace fashionably synthetic territories allows YVETTE to move in on occupying the void. Sans a dancefloor, "Radiation" coils YVETTE's beastly desires to play loud and live into their most tangible direction yet.

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