December 14, 2012

Hear New Sound: VÅR's "The Boy or the Boot"

A week from today, believers in that Mayan apocalypse thing will be finding themselves incredibly disappointed when the world doesn’t actually end. While doomsday preppers figure out what to do with excess canned goods and firearms they’ve stowed inside elaborate bunkers, Sacred Bones Records will be having fun with the date. The excellent NYC-based label has been releasing incredible music since 2007 from a slew of dark-minded artists and AS favorites such as Zola Jesus, The Men, Cult of Youth and most recently, the budding experimental synth projects out of Denmark in the offshoot of Iceage's Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, VÅR, and their Swedish friends, LUST FOR YOUTH. On December 21st, the Mojave desert will be the most fitting scene for Sacred Bones’ official Five-Year Anniversary Celebration. Set to appear from the roster are Zola Jesus, Cult of Youth, LUST FOR YOUTH, Wymond Miles, Psychic Ills, Pop. 1280 and VÅR, whose new track "The Boy or the Boot" appears on a commemorative compilation, Five Years Of Sacred Bones Records, available only at the event. It's a sparkling shift away from the fizzy curtains of the band's prior work, which could predicate what's to come when their debut LP arrives next spring via Sacred Bones. Between that and You're Nothing, the highly anticipated sophomore effort from Iceage, it looks like there's going to be plenty from the creative mind of Mr. Rønnenfelt to go around in 2013 -- If there even is a 2013...

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