December 27, 2012

Hear New Sound: FIDLAR's "Suburban Home" (Descendents Cover)

FILTER, one of the last standing true alternative music publications left out there on newsstands, has reached its milestone 50th issue (at five prints per year, that puts it at the ripe age of 10 years, which is something to celebrate in the blogger-run music journalism age.) 50 is also the birthday milestone that punk lifer Milo Aukerman, frontman of the Descendents, has reached as well, so FILTER has decided to tie it all together for one fun free-download-comp-to-come, fittingly entitled Filter Presents: Songs Of the Descendents. A slew of the SoCal pop-punk pioneers' peers and lineage are set to appear on the listen, including the Bronx, the Henry Clay People, Tijuana Panthers and Mike Watt, as well as recent BUZZSound and punk era transcendentalists FIDLAR. For their part, they along with the assistance of their friend and Anus Kings frontman Brian Rodriguez loyally take on the Milo Goes to College classic "Suburban Home," if not with a few more beers in them. No word is available just yet as to when Songs of the Descendents will be released in full, but all of the latest details can be found at In the meantime, hear and download FIDLAR's reconstruction of "Suburban Home" below...

FIDLAR - "Suburban Home" (Descendents Cover)

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