December 11, 2012

Hear New Sound: Marnie Stern's "Year of the Glad"

Guitar-spiraling virtuoso Marnie Stern is throwing her hat into the ring of potential great albums to come in 2013 with the announcement of her fourth LP -- and hold on to your hats for this epic title -- The Chronicles of Marnia. It’s due out March 19th via Kill Rock Stars, and features a couple of changes and switch-ups to Stern’s typical recording process. For starters, fellow NYC noise-dwellers Kid Millions of Oneida is taking over the spot vacated by Zach Hill behind the drum kit ever since he became preoccupied by his little project you may have heard of this past year by the name of Death Grips. It’s also the first time Stern entered the studio with a producer, as Nicolas Vernhes (Oneida, The Fiery Furnaces) manned the knobs at the Rare Book Room Studios in Brooklyn, with the results being somewhat of a more focused collision of six-stringing in comparison to the manic electric freakouts of her past catalog ("...I should try to make things less nutso," she just told SPIN.) "Year of the Glad" is The Chronicle of Marnia's first listen, and despite Stern's seeming hesitance about reigning herself in, there's no evidence that getting grounded is working against the songwriter on this whirring lift toward the sky. 2013: "Year of the Glad" below...

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