December 5, 2012

Hear New Sound: M.I.A.'s "AtTENTion"

The first and only time I ever pestered one of my favorite musicians on Twitter, I ended up getting temporarily blocked by punk lifer / tweeting addict Ted Leo. Having the nerve to @ your music heroes on a regular basis can result in a payoff in other cases, apparently. Take M.I.A.'s fanbase for example, who wore the controversial rap pop star down in under 140 characters or less with persistent inquiries about new music, seeing that her forthcoming effort, Matangi -- originally slated to arrive this year -- has since been pushed off to 2013's release date schedule. Other than the vibrant "Bad Girls" and a middle finger at the Super Bowl, you can understand why diehard fans might be getting anxious, so to appease them, she kindly obliged their request and e-mailed one lucky follower a new track (which that person of course quickly uploaded onto YouTube for the rest of the world to hear.) It's not known whether or not "AtTENTion" will be appearing on Matangi, but it does feature M.I.A. keeping pace with schizoid rhythm making and curiously taking notes from the songbook of seminal Teen Mom Farrah Abraham (apparently this is becoming a thing now?) Personally, AS didn't mind the buzzsawing electronic mind fuck that was /\/\/\Y/\, and with M.I.A., she's always fighting an uphill battle with herself anyhow, so I say go for it. Your "AtTENTion" please...

M.I.A. - "AtTENTion"

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